2024 European Cup Predictions
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2024 european cup predictions live

2024 European Cup PredictionsExcellent‼ ️ Zhao Wei of Guizhou University for Nationalities appeared on the People's Daily

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2024 European Cup Predictions

Strict selection and review, nationwide45,000 graduate students、60,000 college students、About 20,000 secondary vocational students wonEuro 2024 matches

May 4、People's Daily published on the 5th,Published 100 Graduate National Scholarship Excellent Representatives with six entire editions、100 national scholarships for college students' scholarship students、100 secondary vocational education national scholarship scholarship excellent representative list。WhereGuizhou4 students on the list of 4 students, graduate students in our schoolZhao WeiThe classmates are famous.Zhao WeiYes100 Graduate Euro 2024 matchesStudents' Excellent Representative of the National Scholarship Student Student Students。

Guizhou Graduate National Scholarship

Outstanding representative list among the scholarship students


Zhao Wei

The major of resources and environment of the School of Ecological and Environmental Engineering, Guizhou University for Nationalities2021 Graduate graduate student,Reserve Party members of the Communist Party of China。Once won the national scholarship,China International "Internet+" College Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Contest Guizhou Gold Award,Woning "Guizhou Most Beautiful College Student" "Three Good Students in Guizhou Province"。Published 2 papers in the first author of the Chinese Academy of Sciences with the first author,12 papers in the first work and two works。Participate in the National 2024 European Cup PredictionsNatural Science Foundation of China、3 items of key projects in Guizhou Province。

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